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The Healing Star


Stars with healing powers are falling from the sky.

Feisty fourth-grader Julia’s best friend in the entire universe is her grandmother. Julia and Grammu share secrets while cooking soup together, stay up late eating junk food and watching scary movies, and go stargazing on Blackberry Hill. They even wish on the same star every night.

But everything changes when Grammu catches the disappearing disease: little by little, she’s turning invisible. If Julia can catch a falling star, then her wish to save Grammu will come true. All Julia needs to do now is find the legendary ladder to the stars…


Listen to the author read an exciting excerpt from the book in costume! A. Kidd will be dressed as one of the characters from The Healing Star. Reading followed by a fun interview with the author.

-2020 Author Fair presented by Rochester Writers and Rochester Hills Public Library. 


Get to know A. Kidd and learn more about what inspired her to write The Healing Star.

-2020 Summer Virtual Book Festival presented by Pages Promotions, LLC.  

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