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Schools and Libraries: 
The Healing Star: My highly interactive program includes riddles, a constellation guessing game, and a funny story about how I almost fell into a crater!
Yasuko and the Dream Eater: This program includes interesting facts about tapirs, a guessing game, info about Japanese culture, and a couple of funny stories about my visits to Japan.

For either program, I typically I speak for approximately 20-30 minutes about my journey to becoming an author and my inspiration for writing the book. During my presentation, I also discuss my writing process as well as provide fun tips to help children create their own story. For The Healing Star, the Powerpoint presentation is usually followed by a short book reading, about 8-10 minutes long, where I share an exciting excerpt from the book. For Yasuko and the Dream Eater, I usually begin with an interactive reading with props and follow with some storytime songs and rhymes.

***These programs are somewhat customizable to fit your particular needs. Some schools prefer the picture book program for grades K-2 and the middle grade book program for grades 3-6. Since the picture book is folktale based and supports diversity, it can be used with preK-8.      
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Other Program Offerings and Add-ons: 
I can demonstrate book-related crafts. For The Healing Star, this includes how to make your own healing star, which is also shown on my activities page, as well as how to create your own constellation models using simple patterns.  For Yasuko and the Dream Eater, we can do the "sharing your dreams" coloring sheet on my activities page, make a dream eater paper bag puppet, create shadow puppets, fold origami jumping frogs, and more!
***I can tie the author visit to some major holidays and popular themes, including Halloween, Groundhog Day, Springtime, Summer Reading, and even Pokemon
Typically libraries offer some materials, but it is not required. If I provide the materials, there is a materials fee based on number of attendees. Photos of craft samples are shared upon request. 

Book discussion: I am also available to lead or attend a book discussion. If a library has an established book club, they often purchase books for attendees directly from me, but this is optional. On my activities page you will find a book discussion guide that can be used along with the program, if needed. 

Writing workshops for kids or adults: This program is customizable but may include several book-related writing prompts or poetry exercises (I'm also trained in performance poetry) as well as mindful critique practice and sharing our work as a group. Poetry Bootcamp, Writing with Yoga, and Decorating a Poe-Tree are some favorites!
As with the author program, I will discuss some of my own writing process as well as techniques for brainstorming and unearthing your own story. Stories are often hidden gems deep inside of us!
Creating dynamic characters workshop: We create a unique character together and then write about it. Kids also have the option of drawing their own character.
Newly added: Make your own dream eater puppet out of various materials while exploring character development and then write a story about its adventures. This can also be turned into a Pokemon program where we make our own Pokemon!

Individualized programs and parties: I have additional experience with storytelling for all ages as a children's librarian, performance poetry, yoga, and art and love sharing my interests with others! I also thoroughly enjoy the outdoors. If you'd like to combine any of these elements to create a fun and unique program for your child or small group, please contact me. Outdoor events are weather permitting.
Author Barbie (aka A. Kidd) can make an appearance!    

*All programs last approximately 45 min-1 hour, but some can be adjusted to fit your time requirements. Each program can be done on its own or some can be combined. Add-on programs require an additional fee, depending on time length.  
Author Visit Fee:
Currently virtual programs start at $150. In-person programs will start at $250. Price may increase depending on length, add-on programs, and number of sessions. Mileage rate is 67 cents/mile for greater than 30 miles from zip code 48072. Organization pays for flight/mileage, lodging for over 120 miles, and meals plus author fee. But since I love to travel and meet new people, I would be happy to work with your library, school, conference, or bookstore to make an author visit possible!    
Booking a Visit:
For more information on programming or to schedule an event, please send an email to or use the contact form.

"I would like to say that you are amazing. My daughter still talks about meeting you and reading your book. She shows off your signature proudly."

-Derah Blount, mother, Royal Oak Library author visit in Royal Oak, MI

"Starlight, A. Kidd landed at the Baldwin Public Library in the fall of 2019. Her debut novel, The Healing Star, was the subject of our Books and Bagels book club.  Ms. Kidd explained the creative writing process and what inspired her to write this book. She totally connected with the kids and held their attention.  The 4th -6th graders were starstruck to say the least! I would highly recommend bringing this talented author to your school or library."

-Susan DionYouth Services Librarian, Baldwin 

Public Library

"We did a virtual program during which Ms. Kidd had a slideshow talking about her journey as a writer and inspiration for the story, which was interspersed with some riddles for interactive fun. We also did a constellation craft. She had a natural rapport with the kids and it was an all around great program!

-Elissa Zimmer, Youth Services Librarian, Ferndale Area District Library

"Ms. Kidd was very easy to work with and did a great job engaging the kids despite the challenge of an all-virtual format."

-Rebecca Stout, Youth Librarian, Berkley Public Library

"Royal Oak Public Library welcomed local author A. Kidd for a special 'meet the author' event for her debut novel, The Healing Star. Ms. Kidd facilitated the book discussion, and with her affinity to the spirit of young hearts, she brought out even those who may have been at first shy to ask about the process and inspiration for writing her book. We had a great turnout, and everyone enjoyed the program from bottom to top, which concluded with a book signing. 

-Amy Howes, Head of Youth & Teen Services, Royal Oak Public Library

“You're an inspiration. I'm so glad we got to connect and I hope we get to again soon ❤ You're one of those special people with a quality like Mr. Rogers.”

-Ashlie Papp, Creative Kids Market Founder, Oak Park, MI

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